Facts About Window Replacement NYC

For most people, windows in their structure are a must. Lodgings without windows are dark and gloomy. Because of their fragile very nature, broken windows are a relatively common occurrence, even when the panes of glass are designed to be resistant to breakage. Finding the right company to take care of replacements for glass and frame is easier and more convenient when you hire the top professionals. Are you looking for the type of window replacement NYC property owners want? Do you need window replacement services in New York City? Domino Window Repair Inc. has the most professional and trusted window replacement team in the NYC area.

We are focused on providing services to residential and commercial property owners searching for replacement and repair contractors. Our service area includes New York City, Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens. Our skilled technicians repair, install and replace windows, as well as other glass and mirror units in your business or home. We are fully insured and operate with a dedication to efficiency, professional craftsmanship, and exceptional customer service. Domino Window Repair Inc. provides on-site quotations, consultations and follow-up calls to rate our performance.

Domino Window Repair Inc. offers a core business in the installation of glass windows. We fit, mount and correctly seal windows which help to regulate the indoor environment for your office or home. Keeping the equipment in top working condition is important for reasons of aesthetics, ventilation, security, and insulation.

We ensure that our prices are competitive, in order to avoid overwhelming the customer’s budget. Our installation work is designed to use the latest technology and the top craftsmanship which you have a right to expect from a company which provides expert and well-respected service.

We do more than install glass windows. Our professional technicians have the knowledge and experience to repair or replace frames, screens, balances, springs, and pivot lock balance shoes. In addition, our window technicians are thoroughly trained in the secure installation of window air conditioners, safety child guards, and stoppers to protect children from the hazards of open windows. If your issue pertains to windows or glass, Domino Window Repair Inc. can help. No job is too small or too complex.

For our commercial customers, we offer a number of installation and replacement services. These products include sliding glass doors. When a retail business or office space has a glass door which opens to the outdoors, it can become worn due to the constant use. The mechanical components can begin to cause problems. Sliders may jam, jump the track or roll unevenly. If forced, it can break the glass. It is important to do the repairs early to avoid replacement of the entire door unit.

There are many models of sliding doors, and they are not necessarily interchangeable. We have the skills and experience to take care of repairs to sliding doors which are challenging. Alternatively, we can completely replace your doors with an upgraded model when necessary.

Domino Window Repair Inc. is one of the top window replacement companies in the industry. We invite you to call 917-863-0177 for a free quote today!