Professional Window Installation In New York, NY

In today’s world, windows are an essential element in nearly every building in the city. They are intended to display the views, highlight a vista and to protect from the outdoor weather and climate elements. Are you looking for information about window installation in New York NY? Do you needs the help of professional technicians for your new windows or replacement windows. Domino Window Repair is known for its highly professional and trusted installation services in the entire New York City region. The company responds to customers in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and The Bronx.

We are a company with a great deal of replacement and repair services expertise. We offer full service attention to all of your home’s glass doors and windows. There are many types of window units, including sliding, single hung, older wooden sash, casement and double hung types. We also handle picture windows. Each of these styles encompass a unique set of issues which may happen as the units age. Defining the scope of the problem is the role of a professional specialist from Domino.

Double hung windows can sometimes display cloudiness. This is not a repair issue, but rather requires replacement, as the integrity of the glass is compromised. Another need of repair is seen when the unit sticks when it is opened or closed. The problem could be a warped or damaged frame. If you are feeling drafts around the frame, it is likely that the seals have deteriorated to the point where the glass needs to be replaced. We can take care of that project for you in a safe and efficient manner.

Special expertise on the part of technicians is a key element of a successful experience for our customers. We do the necessary training and supervision to ensure that our contractors have the skill and responsiveness to please customers. Technicians know how to identify problems and make appropriate suggestions for correcting any issues which are noted.

Safe practices and procedures are a critical element in the installation. No one wants broken glass, cuts or any of the other hazards which can occur when the panes or other glass is not handled safely. We maintain the necessary bonding, licensing and insurance to give our customers peace-of-mind when working with our professionals.

In addition to highly respected window repair in NYC, Domino responds to questions about damaged mirrors, shower doors and other glass fixtures. Call 917-863-0177 for a free quote today.