An Overview Of Window Repair In New York, NY

For a number of reasons, safe and intact windows are critical for residents throughout the United States. In NYC, with its weather extremes, windows and their panes of glass protect against unpleasant weather at both ends of the temperature spectrum. The features of most buildings include elements of glass to let light in and keep weather outside. If the glass or structure of the frame fails, you want help quickly and efficiently. Are you looking for window repair in New York NY? Do you need glass repair services in the NYC area? Domino Window Repair has the most reliable and trusted team of professional contractors in New York, NY, as well as Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens.

We specialize in taking care of your commercial and residential windows, as well as other glass features across the Greater New York City region. Our expert technicians have the knowledge and experience to perform repairs, replace and place windows, mirrors and other glass aspects in your commercial or residential location.

Our technicians are fully insured for the peace-of-mind of each of our customers. We want to be your go-to contractor for all of your glass needs. Our focus is on professional workmanship, excellent customer service, as well as efficient response when you need a contractor. Our customer services encompass on-site quotations and consultations. You can also expect calls to follow-up with you to ensure that your experience with us was satisfactory.

Although our core business is on installation of glass features, we also recognize that repairs might be all that is required. That could include repairs of frames, balances, pivot lock balance shoes, springs and screens. We enlist the team of thoroughly trained technicians who can safely install window-style air conditioning units, child safety guards and stopper to protect youngsters from the dangers of opened windows.

Shower doors can be subject to problems. The issues may result from excessive force, broken hinges, sticking tracks or cracks in the glass. Another issue which can arise in bathrooms is broken or damaged mirrors, including loss of backing. The moisture in bathrooms can lead to mold and in serious cases to structural damage. Prompt action will prevent the damage from worsening. We can provide repairs or do an entire replacement, depending upon what we find.

If you are in need of window repair service in NYC, Domino Window Repair Inc. Is your go-to contractor. Call 917-863-0177 for a free quote today!