Shower Doors

Over time and with regular use, problems with shower doors can easily arise. This may result from the use of excessive force (children), misaligned or broken hinges, tracks that stick, or cracked glass. Unattended issues will eventually lead to leaking, and water-damaged tiles and sills, or, worst of all, mold. Domino technicians are experts in shower door replacement and repair, and can safely replace the glass, the door mechanism, or install a completely new show enclosure.

We’re also thoroughly familiar with frameless glass shower doors. While these shower doors can be stunning and modernize your living space, they can be tricky to install and repair. We’ll work with you to retrofit your existing shower, or come up with a configuration that best suits your vision of an upgrade. Whether you’re in the market for brand new shower doors, or a simple existing shower door repair – we’ll assess your requirements and finish the job safely and efficiently. Call the experts at Domino Window Repair today at 917-863-0177 to get started on your new project!